Sunday, February 28, 2010

10 Things your Baby Does Not Need!

Here is an interesting article from Mrs. Nepsy's Frugal World. It's a very interesting article.. I would like to know what you guys think about it. I have to add my two cents and I definitely agree with the article ;)

Nursing pillow—I love our Boppy. I truly do. It’s great for feeding the kids when you don’t have a regular pillow around, for cuddling them, for tummy time when they are tiny, and for lounging for them (although not unattended). But you could seriously use a regular pillow or the arm of the sofa for the same purpose in nursing.

2.Expensive High Chair—We never owned a high chair for Patrick. We will not be buying one for Abigail. For the time that she could not sit up for herself, we put her carrier in a chair at our dinner table so she could be with us while we eat. This continued to be the method to sit her upright for feeding until she could sit upright by herself. Now that she does sit upright by herself, she uses a booster seat that adjusts in height and has a tray for her that just attaches on to our regular dinner chair. We put a towel under it to prevent huge messes on our upholstery, but otherwise, there is no need to have a “high chair.” Yep. $20 is all we need to sit her at our table. Since it was handed down from Patrick, this $20 purchase lasted through two children. And since it is all plastic, it will clean up nicely for resell or consignment.

3.Changing Table—You have other options here. You can use a dresser for the tabletop and the drawers to store the supplies. Or you can just use a changing pad and a bed or the floor. Seriously…why is there a piece of furniture for this purpose?

4.Diaper Genie—Yes, we have one. Yes, we pay for those refills. It’s dumb. A trashcan (and all of those plastic shopping bags we have acquired) emptied regularly works just as well. And if you get a seriously bad diaper that requires you to don a hazmat suit, take it outside to the garbage can.

5.Hooded Towel/Tiny Washcloths—You know what these are? Tiny versions of the real thing. I bet you already own the real thing. The extra fabric in the full size version will not inhibit its use with baby in any way. Use a real one. The hooded ones are cute and all, but if you want your child to wear a hood, make it out of that extra towel that they are wrapped in.

6.Bottle Warmer—You know what really, really works? Running hot water. Or if you want to be greener, a pot of hot water. For even less water waste, a slow cooker turned on warm with water in it. You don’t need something named “bottle warmer” to warm a bottle.

7.Nursing Chair/Stool—I typically cross one leg over another or sit with them crossed together. I would use a stool if it were there, but it’s not. So I don’t. And I’m okay with that.

8.Wipe Warmer—My mom bought one of these for Patrick when he was little. We used it because it was cute and he did like a warm bum in the winter months. But we had to buy refills. And we had to keep water in it to prevent it from being a fire hazard, and it burned electricity 24/7. And that cold bum? They get over it quickly.
And just so I can go on a are some honorable mentions:

•Bumbo—seriously…children all over the world have learned to sit upright all by themselves for centuries. I don’t think your child will be advanced in their educational development because they sat upright 4 weeks before they would have anyway.
•Baby lotion/Soap—a natural soap gets the cleaning done and is good for sensitive skin and many babies have naturally moist skin and don’t need to moisturizer. Although it does smell really good.
•Expensive Bedding—They wet it. They spit up on it. They cannot use the comforter until they are much older. Some people argue that a bumper is not safe. So why are you buying this for them? Get a mattress cover and a couple of fitted sheets to meet the baby’s needs. (Yes, if you look in our nursery, you see a bedding set. We splurged. If we didn't have the money for it though, this is definitely not a necessity)
•Infant shoes—They cannot walk. They do not need shoes. Some argue that shoes are actually BAD for them at a young age. Yes, it is cute, but so are their socks.
•Stuffed animals—They cannot sleep with them. They cannot play with them for a while.
•Baby detergent—Any dye/fragrance free detergent will do. All Free & Clear or Arm & Hammer are great. And you will not have to take out a second mortgage to buy them.
•Bottle sterilizer—It’s called a dish washer. You probably already have one. Or you can boil them occasionally. Don’t buy another unnecessary gadget.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

American Idol

O.k. so I didn't get a chance to post what I thought about the guys and I will do that quickly because we all know the results of the voting.. and then I will rant, err I mean comment on the results.....
Let me first start off by saying the outfits on the men were much better. Do they have a different stylist than the ladies? Anywho here goes.. Todrick was up first and he did some crazy version of a Kelly Clarkson song. I can honestly say I am not sure whether or not I liked it kinda verging on not liking it. He seemed to be more of a performer.Aaron I did like, i think he chose a great song and seemed very comfortable up on the stage. There were a few I definitely did not like. Jermaine sounded like a jazz singer and definitely did not hit the high note. John put me to sleep with his song. Alex all I have to say is YUCK! A few of them I liked, however, my favorite for the guys would def have to be Lee.

On to the results - WTF??? I definitely did not agree with who got sent home.I really liked Ashley and when it was her against Didi, I was for sure thinking Didi was going home. My mouth dropped when Ashley went home. As far as Jannelle going home, again I don;t agree with it. She wasn't my favorite, but I definitely don't think she should have went home. As far as the guys I could not believe John was not sent home!!!!!!! That's all I have to say. I am so upset about the results this week.... :(

Happy Saturday Everyone!

Well, I woke up this morning to unexpectedly see snow falling. Oh boy, I am so done with the snow and winter in general. bring on the heat! Well, we had a busy week this past week. I had Dr.s appointments, and both kids had appointments. Liam had a post op appointment for his tubes. The Dr. said that everything looked great and he will see us in 6 months, whew! I had to bring Aj back to the Dr. for his Asthma. It has been real tough for him lately. I have felt so bad for him. The poor kid has been waking up in the middle of the night to do his nebulizer and he is making frequent visits to the nurse at school because of this. The Dr. put him on prednisone AGAIN! On one hand it helps him, but on the other hand it is a steroid that really bulks him up while he is on it. The Dr. referred us to an Allergist. We go see him on the fourth. I am petrified because Aj hates shots.. he despises them and is so fearful of them. Well, before the appointment I have to go out and buy "numbing" cream - that right there tells you it's not going to be good. I have to apply this cream on both his forearms and wrap them in saran wrap before we go. I am NOT telling him why I am doing this because he will flip out. I am already afraid we are going to have to call in back up for when they have to put the needles in him:(

Yesterday was my one and only work day. It was a great day. it's so nice to get out of the house, even if it is just for the one day. So usually on Fridays, I either will not post or won;t post until later on in the evening.

So excited to be heading out tonight. We are going local, but it will be nice to hang out with such a great group of friends - can't wait. Dad is going to watch Liam for us. I can't wait to see what happens tonight - what shenanigans will ensue.....until next time friends ;)

Walgreens photo deal of the day

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$10 discount only valid toward featured wines.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Awesome Old Navy coupons

Thanks to Charlene at here are teh tips and tricks you need to score some great coupons. Head over to and follow the tips below :) Happy Shopping

::$15 off $75 – Click Amy’s Face (In the first circle) then little Kelly’s Face (the last circle)

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

redbox movie code -free rental

Here's the code:

(Valid thru 3/14)


Lowes is having another build and grow clinic guys. It is on 2/27/10 from 10 - 11. The cost if FREE and your child gets to go home with something very special that they made all by themselves. Just go over to to register.

Daily Deal Number Two

Headed over to Rite Aid where they had a sale going on with the J&J products. You buy one get one for a penny. Well, without the sale or coupons these 4 bottles would have cost...$18.00..well after my coupons I got them for..... Are you ready for this???????.75 a bottle..yes you read right .75 Mama scores again!!!!!

My daily deals!

I went out and scored some great deals today. My first trip was to big lots because I read on that they have olay products really cheap and I wanted to be able to make money off the olay rebate. (again head over to the link above and read up and print out the paper for the 15.00 rebate. well, I ended up getting three products there and it cost me $12.00. I am going to submit the rebate and I will have made $3.00.. woohoo

Kohls Big 3 day sale

O.k. guys looks like Kohls is having a three day sale. you can shop online or in stores. I have some promo codes if you want to do your shopping online.. Or simply print out the pass above for instores. Here are the online promo codes:



Todays Boston Deal of the day is.........

$45.00 for your choice of a massage, acupuncture or personal training from
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Under the artistic strokes of your massage therapist's hands, your body can start to repair itself, replacing injury and weariness with relaxation and rejuvenation. Personal trainers utilize a variety of fitness and exercise techniques in a combination designed to help you meet your personal fitness goal of climbing the Prudential Tower with your bare hands. Joint Ventures' acupuncturist targets your qi, or life-force, channels with needle-thin needles. These tiny needles get your qi , which may be blocked by stress or illness, moving again. Regardless of your choice, you'll leave Joint Ventures with more energy than you had when you entered and the calm that comes with doing something good for yourself.

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Walgreens deal of the day

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Another See Here Deal

Go over to and get 40% off photocards. You can also enjoy free standard shipping on all orders over 60.... Hurry, this offer expires 3/2/10

American Idol

O.k. so American Idol Started last night. The girls were up first and I have to say, I was not impressed. First off, who in the world picked out their outfits? Whoever it was should be fired! With that being said, I love, love, love Ellen on the show. I was a bit apprehensive at first when I heard she was going to be a judge, but I love her on the show. She is a great addition to the panel. O.k. so let's get right to it.
I thought for the most part the girls were dull. I felt like most of them should have been rocking it out, especially on the first night of performances. I do have a few that I liked. My top four favorite girls were Sioban, Crystal, Katie and Michelle. Sioban I think has a great voice, good song choice. She through me for a loop though because she looks very nerdy, but when she sings, she really surprised me. Crystal sang a song that definitely fit her, great voice, however I think she had to many gadgets up there - she could have done without her harmonica. Katie has an unbelievable voice for a 16 yr. old she seemed very comfortable up on the stage and like the judges, I would have liked to see her do a song that was a "bit younger" - something that would suit her more. Michelle I liked very much. I think she rocked out the Alicia Keyes song and she probably had one of the best outfits on the show.
What was up with Page? I think she may be going home this week. She was very dull and I think she was being carried by the backup singers. Ashley I wish showed more energy, definitely did not like her song choice, she did show great energy. Lilly reminded me of a singer you would see at a local bar. By the way, what is up with 3 of the girls using guitars??? No need for it.....Sooooo, my choices for the two girls that are going home this week would have to be Page and Hailey... sorry ladies but you just did not cut it for me.
I'm interested in what you guys think.. leave comments below. But you have to become a follower in order to leave comments.

Walgreens Deal of the Day

O.k. folks, another day another deal.. This one is kinda a bummer. Today only - ONLINE - you can get 50% off photo canvas using coupon code CANVAS

Edible Arrangements - Save $5.00

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More free prints!! woohoo

O.k. guys, here is another photo deal. I hope no- one is paying for those digital prints!!!! Simply go over to and sign up as a new customer (if you have already signed up here before, just create a new e-mail and you can sign up to get your prints) This offer is good for 50 free prints. Use promo code prints-6

Here's Bostons Deal of The Day.....73% off Dance Lessons

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You'll get five adult group lessons, which convene in the evenings several times a week (click here to see the Boston schedule and here to see the North schedule). Schedule a ballet, jazz, or tap class to pick up where you left off twinkling your childhood toes, or start learning ballroom dance; it's easier to stay motivated and appreciate classical dance techniques as an adult, when waning Cinderella-fascination is compensated for by the twin feet of patience and discipline.

For specialty moves, the Boston studio offers Irish step (instructor Patti Hunter has competed in the All World Championships in Galway, Ireland) and hip-hop classes. Or get fit dancing in an aerobic Zumba class or ballroom session at the Peabody location. Other classes, such as Pilates and jazz/ballet/tap, are common to both locations. Busting a move you've never busted before-be it a Zumba move, a contemporary ballet move, or a well-coordinated move to a nicer part of town, away from that mouthy opossum that keeps opening your mail-is a great way to get exercise, learn a new skill, and meet new and graceful friends for an inevitable light-footed jewel heist.

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Celebrate your pet!

Head over to and shop at their "pet store" and receive 30% off your purchase from now until March 3'rd

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another free sample

Head over to and snatch up this free sample.... I love for awesome samples - and often times they come with a coupon.. I love my coupons.

Target - Dr. Seuss birthday event

On 2/27/10 from 9-11 Listen to a special reading of Oh! The Places You Will Go. Also, target will be having Dr. Seuss inspired games, activities and giveaways.


$5.00 Cookbooks!!!!!

Get these awesome Taste of Home cookbooks for only $5.00!!! yep that's what I said, $5.00!!! These cookbooks usually go for $20.00 - $30.00. Also, if you spend $20.00 or more you can get free shipping - use promo code LST02

Boston's Deal of the Day

40% off tickets to go see Finnegans wake at the Lantana in Randolph. The date and time is March 12'th @7:30..
This offer is only good if you order your tickets today 2/23

Free Subscription to CBSwatch Magazine

I wouldn't wait on this one guys. I just got my free subscription!woohoo!! There are some great shows on CBS, I would love to know some of yours.. Leave them in the comment section below.
Head over to

Happy Tuesday

Well, we made it through school vacation week. !!!!! (enter sigh of relief here) I think the hardest part is trying to finding things for Aj to do. If he had it his way, he would spend the entire vacation playing video games. I feel so guilty when he is playing those games because I feel like that is a missed opportunity that him and I could spend some bonding time together. Although Eric is great, if he sees Aj playing games he will go up and play with him. I think Aj enjoyed his vacation. He went skiing for the first time and loved, loved,loved it - did I mention he loved it?
He was less than thrilled to go back to school on Monday. he tried pulling the old, "ohhhh my stomach hurts so much!" Now I just ignore him cuz he knows he can't pull one over on me. I dropped him off to school and he had tears in his eyes. I tell ya, that kid despises school. I did feel a tiny bit sad seeing him go off to school upset. But by the time I picked him up, he was fine and we were back into "school mode" again. whew!

Liam and I spent our morning playing and reading books and of course I had my cleaning ritual that I perform everyday - you'll read more about that in a different post. While cleaning was outside shaking my rugs and discovered it was a beautiful day. So sad when 45 degrees is considered a beautiful day. Anyway, I decided to talk Liam for a walk. He has been battling a nasty cold and I figured the fresh air would do him well. We had a lovely walk. Every time we walked by a bush or a tree, Liam wanted to stop and touch it. He was doing so much exploring yesterday. We had so much fun on our walk and I cannot wait until the nicer weather comes so our walks can be a daily thing.
Today I didn't think I have any plans, however I have a Dr.s.appointment - yuck! such an inconvenience. I have been bringing Liam with me, however, today Papa Bob is going to watch him. I shouldn't be to long, Just going to check in and make sure I'm not going crazy!! I will post some great deals later so stay tuned........

Monday, February 22, 2010

Free meals on your birthday

It's your birthday - celebrate! what better way than with a free meal. Below is a list of places that offer you freebies on your special day.

This is a compiled list of restaurants that give you a free birthday meal, no restaurant coupons should be necessary. This page has been extremely popular and I want to thank all the generous readers who have helped added to this list. This list of restaurants that give you free meals on your birthday is always changing so be sure to double check with your local restaurant before. Also, restaurants with numerous locations may or may not honor your free birthday meal.

Applebees – Free Dessert
Auntie Anne – Free Pretzel, sign up online first

Baskin Robbins – Free Ice Cream, see website for details
Ben & Jerry’s – Ben & Jerry’s emails you a coupon for a free scoop if you register on their website.

Bennigans – Free Dessert
Boston Market – Free Dessert with $5 min purchase – Sign up online
Buffalo Wild Wings – Free Wings (Not all locations)
Burger King – Club BK Promotions, Register on website

The Charlie Horse – Free Birthday Meal
Chevy’s – Free Dessert
Chili’s – Free Birthday Dessert with purchase of an entree – Sign up online first for birthday coupon

Cold Stone Creamery – Register on Website for Birthday
D'Anns - Free meal on your birthday up to $15.00
Denny’s – Free Meal (Not all restaurants) –
Denny’s is giving a free original grand slam on your birthday–I read about it on the website.
Disneyland is offering free admission on your birthday (2008).

Friendly’s will give you a free sundae on your birthday – you need to sign up on their website to get your coupon
Fuddruckers – free sundae (select locations) –

Hard Rock Cafe – Dessert

Hooters – Free Song & gift – register on website
Hollywood Video – Free Video Rental

IHOP – Free Birthday Meal (check restaurant first)

Joe’s Crab Shack – Free Cake

Kobe Steak House – Free Meal on your Birthday, register for Royalty Rewards on website
Krispy Kreme – Register for free dessert coupon

Macaroni Grill – Free Birthday Song & Dessert
Maggiano’s – Sign up for birthday discount coupon
Margarita’s — free fried ice cream
Olive Garden – Free Cake (check location first)
On the Border – free empanada, sign up online first.
Outback – Free Dessert

PF Changs – Free Dessert
Ponderosa – $5 off adult meal & Pepsi purchase

Quiznos – If you register on their website, they will email you a coupon for a free cookie of your choice on your birthday. They will even warm it up for you if you’d like. Plus, I happen to think that their cookies are quite tasty! : )
Red Lobster – Reader submitted, "I work at Red Lobster, They will still sing, but you have to pay for any dessert you want."

Red Robin – Free Burger entree (kids and adults) – register online first – If you sign up on the website for the
birthday club, they will send an e-mail before your birthday for a free burger of your choice. The offer is good for 14 days. I got my free burger in Seattle last year and looking forward to using the new offer I was e-mailed the other
day for this year’s birthday.
-all of the corporate red robins and the red robins part of the franchise mach robin (locations in illinois, new mexico, nevada, and idaho) give a free burger for adults, and free kids meal for kids, if you sign up for the mailing list.

Ruby Tuesday’s – free dessert, sign up online first.
Sonic Drive In – Free Kids Meal, Register on Website
Spaghetti Warehouse – Free Spaghetti dinner
Souper Sald – Free Birthday Meal
Subway at some locations give you a free 6inch sub on your birthday if you sign up for it online.

TGI Fridays – Free Birthday Dessert or Appetizer? – Please see website
Tony Roma’s – Free Dessert

Uno’s Chicago Grill emails a certificate for free entrĂ©e on your birthday if you sign up on their website.

Wendy’s – Sign up for free kid’s meal online

Children's place 15% off

From now until March 14, you can enjoy 15% off at With Easter coming up, I'm sure you can score some super cute outfits. I Loved that place for Aj, sadly enough he grew out of that store. However, we shop there for Liam and we always find wicked cute stuff. When checking out, use promo code Q2AY6C4E2A

Free Pancakes Anyone?

Imagine a pile of golden brown pancakes, dripping with melted butter and overflowing with syrup.

Cost to you? $0. Benefit to children's hospitals? Hopefully $5 million.

For the fifth year in a row, IHOP is celebrating National Pancake Day on February 23 by offering all customers a free short stack of pancakes from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. In return, the restaurant's hoping you'll consider making a donation to its charity of choice, the Children's Miracle Network.

Traditionally held on Shrove Tuesday, this year's event falls a week later to maximize donations. More than $3.25 million has been raised over the years, and the 2010 goal is to hit the $5 million mark.

There may be no such thing as a free lunch, but breakfast's another story.

To find an IHOP near you or make a donation, visit

Another redbox code

Let me know if any of you guys have used these.....

Here is the code for a free rental V7J6DRV

Weekly Menu Planner

If your like me, trying to figure out what's for dinner each and every night can seem like a chore. Personally, I hate it. So I came up with the idea of planning ahead. This saves time because I can go to the grocery store one time for the week to make sure I have all of my ingredients for that weeks dinner. So, below is my list of dinners for the week:

Monday - Beef tacos with spanish rice
Tuesday - Sausage, peppers and onions w/garlic bread and salad
Wednesday - Breakfast for dinner :)
Thursday - Penne w/meatballs, salad and rolls
Friday - Chicken stir fry w/ brown rice

Walgreens photo deal of the day

Walgreens is running 7 deals for 7 days. This weeks deal of the day is 40% off digital prints. It looks like you can order any size print. You can also choose to pick up in store or have it shipped to your home. Simply enter coupon code DIGITAL40 at checkout.
Head over to click on the link that says photo

80% off at

Yay! 80% off is back. If you have never order a gift certificate from them, I would highly suggest it. Once you order it, you can print it right off of your computer. With 80% off, you can get $25.00 gift certificates for $2.00!!!!! How's that for a deal. This is a great idea for date night. I was so excited to see they had one for my favorite restaurant in the North End - Ricardo's.. yummy.. I can taste the sausage cacciatore already.

Barnes and Noble free shipping when you spend $10. +

Hurry on this one. It expires on 2/22

Head over with the kiddies to Michaels Next Saturday 2/27

Science Fair Make it-take it event. This is for kids 4+

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Good Housekeeping Magazine for 7.99/yr.

I really enjoy reading this magazine. You can head over to and scoop up this deal...... happy reading

Free Baby Magazine

Here is a neat freebie. Head over to and sign up to receive you free magazine. It looks like it's an e-magazine.

Win a free Wedding dress or 5 Bridesmaid dresses

Head over to and enter to win either a wedding dress or up to 5 bridesmaid dresses. I am definitely entering this one. We are in the midst of planning our wedding and boy are wedding dresses expensive yikes!

Don't forget today is free pretzel day

Visit Auntie Annes today between 10 -3 and score a free pretzel - yummy..........

Another free redbox code

This code is good until 3/14

20% off at Kohls .com

Head over to and get an extra 20% off your purchases.

Enter promo code YOURGIFT
This is good 2/19 - 2/21

Old Navy Jeans Sale

Adult Jeans $19.00
Kids Jeans $12.00
Head over to and look for the post on Old navy Coupon hunt.. you can score some great coupons .... I got one for 15% off yipee


Head over to any Hallmark Gold Crown store and get your free kids card. I picked mine up the other day and can't wait to give it to Aj.....

Free Photobook

Head over to and scoop up your free photo book. This is totally free - including shipping. However there is a catch and here it is - They have advertisers put ads on some of the pages in the book, however not on any of the pages you have pictures on. Hey for a free photo book, I don't mind seeing a few ads. Also, you can get one free book a month. Start snapping away with those cameras and put those memories into a cool,free photo book.

Happy Saturday Everyone.....

I was going to try and post yesterday but between having to work, spend time with the family, and not to mention I was exhausted - I decided to post everything today and boy are there a lot of cool stuff to post. I will post after daily rant...
Aj stayed at papa's house last night. Normally that is his usual Friday night thing to do. Basically when the weekends come around, we don't see him much. He is with Papa on Fridays and spends Saturdays with his dad. It kinda stinks because he is in school all week and then we don't usually see him until late Sunday.
Bam Bam, as we like to call him now is continuing to explore his world around him. He discovered yesterday that he can open the refrigerator if he braces himself against the wall and pulls really hard. I guess that's better than him opening and closing the stove door. He is getting a bit brave with taking steps. He is beginning to pull himself up on things (like tables, chairs etc..) and walk along until he reaches the end. I'm sure he will be walking soon - God help us!!!! no- wait... God help me!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Vacation Day 4

Well Aj slept over at his papas last night. I swear if he had the choice to live over there or live here with Eric and I and Liam, I seriously think he would choose to live with his papa. He loves his papa so much. Papa is so good to AJ - I am blessed and grateful that they have such a wonderful relationship.

This left Liam and I at home for the morning. We had a rather unproductive morning. We had breakfast, played on the floor for a bit, I cleaned, Liam napped and before I knew it, It was afternoon time. I headed off to Rite Aid before I picked up Aj because he HATES doing errands with me - although I do have to say he has gotten better. I scored some super great deals at Rite Aid and CVS and Hallmark so I was siked.
We headed over to papas to pick up aj and as soon as we pulled into the driveway, Liam's' legs were kicking like crazy. He loves his papa as well. The boys played with their papa for a bit and then it was time to go. I did run another quick errand to the mall. I had a shirt to return and wanted to get another for work tomorrow. When we got home daddy was home and momma was excited ton see him - now he could take over with the Liam.

I have to work tomorrow, which I am really excited about.. I love my job. I wish I worked more days, but for now it is just the one day. I am dropping Aj off with his Nana Dottie and Liam will stay home with grandma and grandpa. We are so lucky we have so many great people that are willing to help us out with babysitting. I do not know what I would do without all of the wonderful people I have in my life.... soooo, Tomorrows posts may be late or may be on Saturday. Happy Friday everyone xoxo

My Shopping trip and my deal!!!! woohoo

Not to sure if you can see all the products in the picture. But here is a run down of what I got:

2 purex laundry detergents
2 kotex pads
2 glade sense and sprays
Secret clinical strength deodorant
Colgate Toothpaste
Suave shampoo
Pack of orbit gum
Hallmark card

Now.. guess how much I paid for it all? c'mon guess..... well if you said $9.oo you are right. Can you believe I got all this for $9.00? yippee go me!

Kindle app for Blackberry

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Free Crest White Strip Sample

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Free from vistaprint.......

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The Body Shop is having it’s semi annual sale buy 2, get 1 free.

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Happy shopping

Vacation Day 3

I Apologize for not actually writing anything on Day 3, but I was very busy running around doing my errands! Have I mentioned how much I hate errands for deeper reasons than I care to go into right now. Any hoo.......

Aj went skiing with is uncle Danny yesterday. He was super excited to go. he went over the weekend with his dad and now I think he has the skiing bug. He knew his uncle Danny loves to ski so he called him up very casually and hinted around to him that he would like to go skiing. Well, Uncle fell for it and they went yesterday. I was a bit nervous because you hear of all these people getting hurt in the slopes and me being the worry wart that I am, I thought I was going to get the call that my son fell or got hurt and was being wisked away in an ambulance. Well, skiing went off without a hitch. Aj came back without a scratch and a big smile on his face. He had a blast, then again he always does with his uncle. He was so excited to tell me that he rode the ski lift and went down the "big hill!" he was so proud of himself and so was I. After I fed the boys lunch it was off to run errands yuck.

Aj slept over his papas house last night - he loves sleeping over there. He puts his papa through a lot though - knee hockey, games on the x-box and watching wrestling.. Thank god for papas xoxo

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

6 Free Photo Coasters from snapfish

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Today we woke up to snow! yuck. Have I mentioned how much I hate the snow. although we did not get a lot of it, the kids and I stayed in the house all day - talk about cabin fever. To break up the monotony, we decided to finger paint.. sure Aj may be a bit big to finger paint, but he had a blast painting with his little brother. Liam made a mess as you can see.

Eric came home from work with great news - he got a call to go back to work. He is very excited as are we!!!! yay daddy :) Aj is very excited because he is going skiing with his uncle tomorrow. I hope he is safe!!!!

Free pancakes...yummy to my tummy

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