Thursday, April 29, 2010

Lowes FREE Build and Grow Clinic - This Saturday

Head on over to Lowes this Saturday, May1'st - with the kiddies of course, and they get a chance to build this super cute school house.  Click HERE for more information.

Home Depot - FREE Kids Workshop this Saturday

Take the kiddies on over to Home Depot this Saturday, May 1. They can participate in the FREE kids How to Workshop.  They will get the chance to make an adorable Picket Fence Planter.  Again, this is a FREE event.  It will take place between 9-12.  As always call you local Home Depot to register.
Click HERE for more information.

Old Navy Sale this weekend!

This is a super awesome sale.  Enjoy 30% off the ENTIRE store this weekend.  This is perfect, just in time for summer.

Macy's Friends and Family Sale

Going on now through May 3'rd.  Use the coupon HERE to get 25% off in store or shop online and use promo code MACYSFF

FREE Ice Cream at Carvel today 4/29

I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream............ This is a yummy offer. Carvel is offering a free ice cream with a free flavor shot.  Get a 3.5 o.z cup of ice cream with a flavor shot of your choice.  As always PLEASE call you local Carvel to make sure they are participating.

25% off at Aeropostale

From 4/29-5/2 Enjoy 25% off of everything at Aeropostale. You can shop online or in stores.  Use promo code SPRING25 if shopping online. Click coupon HERE to shop in stores.  Happy shopping guys ;)

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Scrubbing Bubbles Coupons

Click HERE for some valuable Scrubbing Bubbles Coupons

Target FREE GE Lightbulbs!!!

More free light bulbs from Target!! Personally, I think you can never have enough light bulbs around the house.  So here is the deal:

GE Reveal light bulbs  - prices starting around $2.00

As low as free after coupons!!!!

Here's a great freebie!!!

Emeril's New Orleans Restaurant is celebrating 20 years and they are offering up several of his favorite recipes in this downloadable cookbook.  ClickHERE to begin the download

Baskin Robbins - .31 Cent Scoop Night

This offer is valid today, 4/28 only This offer is valid at your local Baskin Robbins and is taking place from 5-10 p.m.  This event is to honor and fundraise for America's fallen firefighters.
Click HERE for more information.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

$5 Sale on Taste of Home Cookbooks

The Taste of Home Cookbook is back!! You can choose several books and they are only $5.00 each.   Shipping is free on all orders over $20.00.
Click HERE to have a look.

5x7 Photocard .99 Shipped!!!

Order a free 5x7 folded card at Kodak Gallery.  This is a $2.49 value.  Use coupon code 4MOM and get the card for free.  You just have to pay the small shipping fee of .99  Also, you can even have these cards delivered right to that special mom in your life.  This is such a cool deal.

Discovery Kids Pay Tent - $16.15

You can find this tent HERE.  The tents are marked down from $39.99 to $18.99.  Use coupon code SAVINGS15 to save an additional 15% maiking the tents $16.15.   And remember when you shop at always shop through Ebates

140 Labels for $3.12 SHIPPED

Vistaprint if offering 140 address labels for free.  You just have to pay the shipping, which is all of $3.12 - Not a bad deal.  You don't have to make address labels, you can create personalized gift labels, labels for your children's personal belongings etc.. the possibilities are endless.

Here’s how:

Visit Vistaprint
Choose create labels.

Choose your design and customize your labels.

Select the cheapest shipping method.

Click no or next to every other offer as they will try to upsell you for several screens.

Confirm the final price.

Monday, April 26, 2010

He Gave Us The Scare of a Lifetime

Before this past Saturday I have only heard a febrile seizures.  I didn't really know much about them, except that they happen when your body temperature gets too high.  Well, this past Saturday we got to unfortunately experience first hand what exactly a febrile seizure is.

It Started out like any other ordinary Saturday. We had some plans we wanted to get done because Eric and I had plans to go to a dinner later on that night.  We made a trip to Home Depot in early afternoon.  While we were there, I noticed that Liam seemed a bit warm.  We left Home depot and came home and Liam was acting fine despite feeling rather warm.  He was crawling around, getting in to things, just being his crazy little self..  I started to get ready for our dinner and was all dressed.  When I came downstairs Eric told me that Liam was really warm and he was going to take his temperature.  Well, he took his temp and it was 101 degrees.  Well, that was all I needed to hear, I told Eric we definitely can't go out and I am calling the pediatrician.  The pediatrician called back in about an hour and a half and to be honest, he didn;t seem to be all that concerned that his fever was, at this point, 102 degrees.  He told me if I was concerned, i could bring him in to the office the following day.  I hung up the phone and wanted to strangle the guy.  I was so pissed! Here I am the nervous mother, my son has a temp of 102 and he is telling me to bring him on to the office the following day if I am concerned!  **Note to self - request NOT to ever see that Dr.***

As Day turned in to night, Liam was getting sleepy and it was time for a bottle.  We fed him a bottle and he fell asleep in my arms.  After about a half hour, I handed him off to Eric because I was going to unload the dishwasher.  It was then that Eric realized Liam was burning up.  Eric took his temp again and this time is was 104 and climbing.  I could hear it in his voice that Eric was afraid.  He told me his temp was 104 and climbing, he then stood up with Liam and he began vomiting all over the place.  The next thing we know he was shaking.  Eric's yelling, "HUN!" I immediately called 911 and it took them what seemed to be an eternity.  The firefighters arrived first and asked us basic information.  They informed us that febrile seizures are quite normal in little kids and that it is their bodies way of fighting back.  This was all good and great, but where the hell is the ambulance!!!!!! Finally they arrived and I walked Liam out to the stretcher and Eric went in with him.  I had to drop Aj off at my dads.

On the way to the hospital all I can remember is praying the entire way.  I was begging God to please let my baby be o.k.  I was praying to Mom to be by Liam's side and to help us get through this.  Before I knew it I was at the hospital and was rushed in to see my baby boy.  He looked so sad.  They had stripped him down and put an ice pack on his belly.  Eric had informed me that they took his temp in the ambulance and it was 104.9... The Dr. and Nurse were in the room and they were going to order some test and basically work on getting his fever down.  My poor baby was poked and prodded so many times, my heart broke for him.  As a mother, I felt so helpless.  My baby was hurting and there was nothing, not a damn thing I could do about it.  Your instinct as a parent is to protect your child.  I began thinking, how did he get this sick?  Did I not wash my hands enough? Was the house not clean enough? did I bring an infection home? Did someone come in to our house that was already sick?  My mind was racing.

The Dr.s had run all their test and took all the blood work they needed.  We were told my the ER doc that all test look o.k. and we should be cleared to go home.  We waited another 30 minutes before I angrily walked up to the Nurses station and wanted to know when we could go home.  My baby was tired, both Eric and I were tired and it was 1:30 in the morning!!!!! We got our discharge papers and thankfully headed home.  That night we kept Liam in bed with us to keep an eye on him.  We were both very, very nervous.

The next morning Liam was very clingy and tired.  He still had his temp.  It ranged throughout the day from 101 - 102.  It was a very trying day on Eric.  I had to be gone most of the day because Aj had opening day for Little League.  I know Eric was afraid, as was I.  We just wanted to know why his temp wasn't going down!! Finally during his third bath of the day, it seemed as if he fever had broke.  You could touch him and he actually felt cool.  His head was cool and nope, he did not have a temp.  Thank you God!  We did still keep Liam in bed with us last night just to keep an eye on him.  He awoke today with no temp. YAY!!!!!! He is still not eating or drinking much though.  He had a morning bottle, which he threw up right after he finished it.  He is definitely still not himself.  All he wants to do is be held and cuddled.  I took his temp throughout the day and most of the time he did not have one.  However, twice today he did had a temperature of 101.  We are trying to keep him cool, letting him sleep in just a onesie.  we are also trying to get him to drink fluids because I am afraid of dehydration.  This whole ordeal has terrified me so much.  I just want my baby boy to get better.  I want him to be running around, getting into things, laughing, playing on his swing set and just plain being a 1 year old.  It is my hope tomorrow he wakes up with no temp, wants to eats breakfast, drink his juice and I hope he is my crazy little man again!!!!!!

A Big Congratulations

Yay!!!! The Bruins defeated the Sabres 4-3 to win the series!!!!!  On to round two!! woohoo


Head over to Walgreens this week and score this deal... Mother's Day is right around the corner.
At Walgreens this week you can get $5 Register Rewards when you buy 8 Hallmark cards. From what I hear, it looks like the $.49 kids cards as well as the $.99 cards will work toward this deal. So, here’s what you do:

Buy 8 Hallmark cards for $.49-$.99 each

Receive $5 Register Rewards

Final Price = as low as FREE plus possible overage

Even if the cheapest Hallmark cards your store has are the $.99 cards, this still amounts to cards for just $.37 each.

Free YoBaby 4pk From Whole Foods

This Saturday, May 1'st, Head in to your local Whole Foods with a non perishable food donation and you get yourself a coupon for a free 4 pk. of YoBaby Meals.
Click HERE for more information

Free Caress and Renu Solution

Head HERE  for your free sample of Caress Body Wash

Head HERE if your wear contacts.  You can request your free sample of Renu Solution

Rite Aid Deals 4/25

Stayfree Pads $1.99

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O.B. Tampons $1.99

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Listerine 2/$6.00

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Pro Clinical Toothpaste $2.99

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Get your FREE sample of O.B. Tampons

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Walgreens Deals 4/25

Stayfree Maxi Pads 2.99
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Plackers Dental Flossers (90 ct) – $2
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Skintimate Shave Cream - $2.99
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Best Deals of the week at CVS 4/25

Crest Pro Cinical Toothpaste 3.99
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Pantene Hair Care $2.50, Limit 6
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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shutterfly - 12 Free Cards

I don't know about you guys, but I am thinking Mother's Day!!  Cool Gift Idea!!!  Shutterfly is offering 12 FREE 4x5 stationary cards.  Simply use promo code 12FREE  
This offer expires 4/29/10


Aeropostale - This weekend ONLY

Print out the coupon HERE and enjoy $10 off any purchase of $10 or more.  Hurry up thought because this offer is good for this weekend only.

.99 clothes on 4/22 at Salvation Army!!!!

What a deal! On 4/22 only, The Salvation Army will be marking down all of their clothes in the general clothes section to .99!!!!! This is even better than a coupon. 

New JCPenney Coupon!!!!

There's a new coupon code 4BESTMOM for $10 off any $10 purchase and get 6% cash back thru Ebates at

Think of it as a $10 coupon, because yes you do have to pay shipping ($5.95) or a store pick-up fee ($4.50). You can only use this coupon code once. It even works on Outlet items! Thanks to Freebies 4mom for this code ;) and info

Free Sample Alert!!!!

Head over HERE to get a free sample of Eucering Daily Skin Balance (from

Happy Earth Day

I just wanted to wish everyone a very Happy Earth Day.  I never really gave much thought to Earth Day, however, there have been some really great shows on this morning and they were explaining some really great, easy tips so I could do my part - looks like I'm heading off to Home Depot to get some light bulbs!

Also, I was watching a certain show and they had a movie director from the Movie FOOD, INC.  and let me tell you just the few clips I saw, I was disgusted.  I think I'm definitely going to make some changes in the foods that I buy, especially my meat and chicken... YUCK!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pre-Order Avatar Blu-Ray/DVD combo *****Hot DEAL********

You can pre-order Avatar Blu-ray/dvd combo HERE for just $19.99 (it's been listing for as much as $39.99).    Avatar will be released on 4/22

Lays is jumping on the facebook freebie Bandwagon

Head over HERE and "like" Lay's on facebook and you will be able to print out a coupon for Buy One Get One Free bag of Lays Kettle cooked chips!

Why do I have to Endure this?

My Heart racing, my palms sweaty, my chest feels like it's about to come out of my chest.  No, I'm not about to perform some Evil Kinevil type stunt, I'm about to leave the house.  This happens to me when I prepare to go to the grocery store, when I'm about to encounter a new social situation or if Eric and I have a party, wedding, just about anything to go to.  It all starts with the thought about going.  That thought turns into an obsession which rules my days.  For example, let's say Eric and I have a party to go to on a Saturday - well, as soon as we get that invite, my mind is already racing - I can't go, I'll let Eric go, I can't let Eric down, what do I wear UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!STOP IT.  The racing of my mind I cannot stop and my panic attack comes to fruition on the day of whatever event.   In terms of going to the grocery store, it could take me an entire week before I am able to go to the store.  It starts when the ads come on Thursday.  I circle what we need and put the list away.  The following week, usually on Mondays, I make my list and finally either Wednesday or Thursday I make it out to the store.

I have been diagnosed with GAD - Generalized Anxiety Disorder.  My Dr. also told me I have a bit of agoraphobia.  A bit?  How can you have a "bit"  I don't know, to me, you wither have something or you don't. That;s is like telling someone they have a bit of cancer - not possible!!  This disorder has been plaguing me for so long, I just want to be normal!!!  I am not quite sure when this all started, it had to be after Hight school because I had no problem being in crowds and being around people.  Hell, I would like to have considered myself a social butterfly.  But somewhere along the way, this butterfly has lost her wings and has been wounded,  crawling around with her head held low, trying to get through this thing called life.   Nobody understands that I can't just "shake" this off, it's not being immature or stupid.  This is real!  Nobody knows what it feels like to think everyone is starring at you, criticizing you, talking about you - eventually all of those thoughts get at you, tear through you like a knife, you turn your head - people, you turn around - more people... People talking, people laughing.. I want these thoughts to stop but they won't, not until I break down mentally.. WELCOME PANIC ATTACK - I'VE MISSED YOU!!!!NOT..... I am on medication to help me deal with the panic attacks, but it doesn;t work.  To be honestly they don't have a pill to cure what is causing all of this MY SELF ESTEEM  :(

Taiwanese Boy Lin Yu Chun Sings Whitney Houston's "I Will Always Love You"

Saw him this morning on Ellen - absolutely amazing!!!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ahhhh... April Vacation

It's April Vacation and like most parents, I am struggling everyday to find something to keep Aj entertained.  The weather has not exactly been cooperating. Monday was the first day it was not raining so we took Aj to the batting cages.  I could tell he really enjoyed himself.  Liam on the other hand looked very bored, well, if a one year old could look bored.  I think the batting cages paid off on Monday because Aj had baseball practice and he was hitting some bombs!!!!! I was so proud of him.  Secretly I wanted to jump up and down and yell, that's my boy!" But I know that would be a little over the top for practice.  I'll have to save up my cheering and yelling for the games. 

After Practice Aj asked Papa if he could sleep over (papa goes to all the practices - he loves it!) So of course Aj spent the night and pretty much the entire day today over at Papa's house.  He loves it over there.  Plus, he gets to play with all of his old neighborhood friends.  As for me and Liam, we didn't do much.  I had so much hope for today.  I wanted to get out back and let Liam swing on his swing, but me and my anxiety got the best of me , you see, I thought because the grass is a bit long back there, there would be snakes and if I spotted a snake, it would be all over.... So needlesstosay, Liam did not get to enjoy his swing set today.  We did go over and visit Papa - Liam loves his Papa!!!! and then we went grocery shopping.  I sure Liam wasn't loving shopping too much, but I do know he was happy to get out of the house.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a great day - 70 degrees so I am definitely getting both boys outside.  I am thinking of packing up Aj's bike and Liam's wagon and heading off to the park.  Later on in the afternoon, Aj has baseball practice.  I'm looking forward to it because he finds out what position he will be playing :)     

Children's Place Coupon

Click HERE to print out a coupon for the Children's Place for 15% off of your entire purchase....woohoo just in time for the warm weather

50 FREE prints from CVS Photo Center

Sign up HERE
for a new account with CVS photo center and get 50 free prints!

Let tonight be the Night!!!!!

O.k. so once again I was drawn in to this show.... Let's just say it's like a car crash to me, I can't stop watching.  And what, you may ask draws me in to the show??? Watching the train wreck that is Kate Gosselin. This woman is a major b*tch and she does nothing to hide it.  When they showed her at rehearsals last night, all the woman was doing was yawning and b*tching and just when you thought she couldn't get any worse, she brought that same enthusiastic attitude to the dance floor.  Does she not understand that this is a dance competition?  That woman had -10 energy she was just a hot mess.  What was the kicker for me last night was when Brooke asked her why this week she was especially tired - the woman uses her kids as an excuse!!!!!! Those poor kids.  Kate take responsibility for your horrendous dancing, don't "use" your kids once again.   I have faith in ABC tonight that Ms. Kate will be the latest castoff!

Origins -Free Cleanser on 4/22

This way cool deal was spotted on their facebook page:

“We’ll trade you for FREE. One day only – 4/22. Bring your current skincare to any Origins counter and we’ll trade it for a full-size of one of our gentle, high-performance cleansers. Choose either: Checks and Balances™ Frothy face wash Or a Perfect World™ Antioxidant cleanser with White Tea. Value up to $20!”

Bertucci's Coupon

Click HERE to get your coupon for a free kids meal with an adult purchase totaling $10 or more!  This coupon expires 4/30/10

Two New Quiznos Coupons

These Coupons expire on April 25'th.  There are two of them...

$1 off a regular or $2/ off a large sub

Free Chips and regular fountain drink wy buy any regular sub, large sub or chopped salad

Monday, April 19, 2010

My Big Fat Check!

O.k. so it's a little fuzzy... but I got a check for $20 and some change - just for shopping online!!!! who would have thunk??????????????
I highly reccomend signing up and shopping through EBATES

What is Ebates?

I was so excited to walk out to the mailbox this morning and see my "Big Fat Check"  I learned about Ebates a little while back and cannot believe how easy it is to "earn" money.  I learned about Ebates through one of the blogs I follow and I figured I would forward how she explained Ebates - she does it quite well.    So from the blog Bargain Brianna here is the explanation:
Of all the cash back reward sites, Ebates is the one I’ve used the longest. I’ve been a member since 2001. So you could say I was a early adopter. I’m still constantly surprised at the people who do not know about Ebates or don’t use it!

What is Ebates?

Ebates, founded in 1998, was the pioneer of Cash Back Shopping. Basically, you shop through their links and you will earn cash back for your purchases. You must shop through their links to earn your cash back and some stores exclude you from using coupon codes not listed on the Ebates site.

You may ask how they are able to do this? They can because they make money off the links as well as other sites. However, they are choosing to share the revenues with their members.

Sign up

If you haven’t signed up for Ebates, you will want to do so today. Ebates is also offering a $5 bonus when you sign up and make $20 or more in purchases in the first 90 days.Sign up HERE

Earn Cash Back

Once you have signed up for Ebates, you will go to their site and shop through their links. Once you click on a link, it will create a “tracking ticket.” Once you complete your shopping, you will get a certain amount credited to your account. You can see what the percent back is for each merchant before you shop.

It can take up to 48 hours for a purchase to be credited to your account. You can check and make sure your click tracked by going to My Account and viewing your tracking tickets.

Other Ways to Save

Ebates offers coupon codes and discount links for their merchants. You can rest assured you will find a wide variety of discounts for the over 1,200 merchants, even EBAY! Ebates also offers other opportunities to save like Daily Doublers, featured stoers, and featured coupons!

Get Paid

Ebates sends out cash back payments for purchases quarterly. If you’ve earned less than $5.01 cash back, they will carry over your money to the next check. Your Bonus Rewards do not count toward the $5.01 minimum.

You can choose to receive your payment via Paypal or you can donate your cash back to your favorite charity. Just this week, I received my holiday shopping cash back!

Purchases Posted Between Big Fat Check Sent

Jan 1-Mar 31 May 15

Apr 1-June 30 Aug 15

July 1-Sept 30 Nov 15

Oct 1-Dec 31 Feb 15

There are many cash back programs to choose from, I usually suggest clicking around to see which one offers the highest reward but sometimes I just stick to the company I have trusted for over 9 years!

Buy One Blizzard, Get one for .25

Head over HERE to print out your coupon.  This offer is valid April 19'th - 25'th...

As always please call ahead to make sure your local DQ is participating.

Hot Bath and Body Works Coupon

Click HERE for a coupon for $10/$30 from Bath and Body works.  I'm thinking Mother's Day is right around the corner and who doesn't love a great gift from B&BW.    You can  also shop online using promo code VANILLAS

Hot new RedBox Promo

Sign up at Redbox and rent three movies between April 14'th and 30'th and get a free movie in the month of May.  they will e-mail you the promo code for the free movie.
I can't say enough about RedBox.  Both Eric and I love it.  It's convenient, they have a great selection of movies and many times you can rent with a promo code, otherwise, it's only $1.00   I mean seriously, where can you watch a new movie for a buck?  Redbox is awesome.    Also, once you create an account, you can sign up for text alerts and on the first Monday of every month, they will e-mail you a promo code for a free movie!!!!! It doesn't get any better than this

Sunday, April 18, 2010


Get 3 FREE 5x7 Folded Photo Greeting Cards ($7.47 value) from Shutterfly with the coupon code CARDS4MOM and shipping is only 99 cents if you have all 3 cards sent back to you. Thanks goes to Freebies4Mom for this new deal. These are beautiful folded 5x7 photo cards where you can put lots of photos on the front and inside, they would normally cost $2.49 each. You can make any photo card (it doesn't have to be for Mother's Day) - these are also great for a general "Thank You" card. And remember you can make 3 different cards or order 3 of the same card you design. This offer expires on Thursday, April 29.  Shutterfly

Here's how to load that coupon code into your account:

1. Log in to Shutterfly and click on "My Account" at the very top right. Or sign-up for a new account and get 50 free prints.

2. Look at the bottom of the page for the "Enter Special Offer Code" to load the coupon code CARDS4MOM into your account.

3. See your code in your account when you click on "My Special Offers" and it will ask you anytime you checkout if you'd like to apply it to your order. The expiration date is Thursday, April 29.

4. Select your Card Design: Go to "Store" in the top menu then "Cards" and you can "Shop by Card Type" and select the "5x7 Folded Greeting Cards" to see what they have.

4. Just pay shipping (and applicable sales tax) when you order your three 5x7 folded greeting cards. When you use your coupon it does not apply towards standard shipping which should cost only $0.99 if you have all 3 cards sent back to you.

5. Expires Thursday, April 29 so don't forget to design and order your 3 cards before then!!!!!!!

Rite Aid Deals 4/18

Tugaboos jumbo Diapers - $6.99
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U By Kotex - $3.49
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Sea Breeze Astringent - $4.99

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$1/1 Sea Breeze Product Apr 2010 All You Magazine (exp 4/30/2010)

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Oral B Cross action Toothbrush – $2.99

$2/1 Toothbrush or $2/2 Indicators 4/4/2010 P&G Insert (exp 4/30/2010)

Final Price: $0.99

GE Reveal Lightbulbs - 2/$6

Submit for $4 rebate when you buy 2

$1/1 GE Reveal – 3/7/10 SS Insert

Final Price after Rebate: FREE

TGI Friday’s Potato Skin Chips - $0.99

$1.50/1 TGI Friday’s printable(

Final Price: FREE

Walgreen Deals 4/18

Natures Bounty Vitamin D Tablets - $5.00
Earn $5 Register Rewards
Free plus overage

Colgate Dental Care Total Advaned or Enamel Strength - $2.99
Earn $2.99 Register Rewards
Free plus overage

Nice and easy Hair color

Earn $2 Register Rewards

$2/1 Nice ‘n Easy Hair Color 4/18/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/31/2010)

Final Price after Register Rewards: $2.99

Pepsi 12 packs - 3/$11

Earn $3 Register Rewards wyb 1

Final Price after Register Rewards: 3/$8

Dr. Pepper, A&W, Sunkist, 7Up, Canada Dry, or Hawaiian Punch 12 Packs – 3/$12

Earn $3 Register Rewards wyb 1

Final Price after Register Rewards: 3/$9

Schick Hyrdo 3 or 5 Blade Razor System - $7.99

Earn $2 Register Rewards wyb 1

Final Price after Register Rewards: $2.99

Nivea Skincare Products: Spend $15, Get $5 Register Rewards

$2/1 Nivea Body Wash for Men Mar 2010 All You Magazine (exp 4/30/2010)

$2/1 Nivea Body Wash for Women Mar 2010 All You Magazine (exp 4/30/2010)

$1/1 Nivea Body Wash for Women 4/11/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/31/2010)

$2/1 Nivea Women Body Wash Apr 2010 All You Magazine (exp 5/31/2010)

$1/1 Nivea for Men Body Wash 4/11/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/31/2010)

$2/1 Nivea Sun-Kissed Beautiful Legs 4/11/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/31/2010)

$2/1 Nivea Sun-Kissed Firming Lotion 4/11/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/31/2010)

Ongoing weekly Deals:

Pepsi 2 Liters - $1.25

Bic Hybrid Advance Disposable Razor System or Disposable Razors (3-8 pk) – $4.99

$1/1 Walgreens April IVC (exp 4/24/2010)

$3/1 Bic Razors 4/18/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/30/2010)

$2/1 Bic Disposable Shaver 3/28/2010 SS #2 Insert (exp 5/9/2010)

Final Price: as low as $0.99

Dawn Dish Soap - $0.99

$0.25/1 Dawn Dish Soap any 3/7/2010 P&G Insert (exp 4/30/2010)

Final Price: $0.74

Hershey Bagged - $2.50

$1/3 Hershey’s, Reese’s, and York Candy 4/11/2010 SS Insert (exp 6/11/2010)

$1/2 Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates 4/11/2010 SS Insert (exp 6/11/2010)

$1/1 Hershey’s Extra Dark Chocolate 4/18/2010 SS Insert (exp 6/13/2010)

Final Price: as low as $2/each

M&M Bagged Candy - $2

$1/2 Walgreens April IVC (exp 4/24/2010)

Final Price: $2/each

Reusable Shopping Bag – 3/$1

Facebook Freebie Alert!!!!!!!!

Become a fan of Simply Smart milk on Facebook and fill out a short form to receive your coupon via snail mail for a free milk.... I'm definitely gonna do this one ;)
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Saturday, April 17, 2010

CVS Deals 4/18


CVS Bag Tag - .99
Get .99 ECB
Total: FREE

Thermacare Neck to Arm Heatwrap $2.49
Get $2.49 ECB
Total FREE

CVS Deals:
Colgate Pro Clinical (4 oz) – $3.99

Earn $2 Extra Bucks (limit 2)

$1/1 Colgate Pro Clinical 4/11/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/1/2010)

Final Price after Extra Bucks: $0.99

Edge or Schick Shave Gel - $2.79

Earn $1.80 Extra Bucks (Limit 2)

Final Price after Extra Bucks: $0.99

Advil Caplets or tablets (50 ct) – $3.99

Earn $1 Extra Bucks (Limit 1)

$2/1 Advil 40 ct+ 1/31/2010 RP Insert (exp 4/30/2010)

Final Price after Extra Bucks:  $1.99

Pampers Baby Dry, Swaddlers, or Cruisers Big Pack – $21.99

Earn $5 Extra Bucks (Limit 1)

$1.50/1 Pampers Diapers or Pants 4/4/2010 P&G Insert (exp 4/30/2010)

$2/1 Pampers Diapers 3/14/2010 RP Insert (exp 4/30/2010)

Final Price after Extra Bucks: $14.99 – $15.99

Schick Hydro Razor System - $8.97

Earn $6 Extra Bucks (limit 1)

Final Price after Extra Bucks: $2.97

Ban Roll on - $4.99

Earn $2 Extra Bucks (Limit 2)

$0.40/1 Ban product 4/18/2010 SS Insert (exp 6/5/2010)

Final Price after Extra Bucks: $2.59

CVS/Pharmacy Protective Undergarments - $8.99

Earn $2 Extra Bucks (Limit 1)

Final Price after Extra Bucks: $6.99

Align Priobiotic digestive care (28 ct) – $28.99

Earn $5 Extra Bucks (limit 3)

$3/1 Align Product any 3/7/2010 P&G Insert (exp 4/30/2010)

$7/2 Align Product any 3/7/2010 P&G Insert (exp 4/30/2010)

Final Price after Extra Bucks: as low as $19.99

CVS/Pharmacy Purelax 30 doses – $12.99

Earn $3 Extra Bucks (Limit 1)

Final Price after Extra Bucks: $9.99

CVS/Pharmacy Pain Relief - $9.99

Earn $3 Extra Bucks

Final Price after Extra Bucks: $6.99

CVS/Pharmacy Saline Spray or Allergy Relief Bonus Size - $3.99

Earn $2 Extra Bucks (Limit 1)

Final Price after Extra Bucks: $1.99

u by Kotex - $4.99

Earn $1 Extra Bucks (Limit 1)

$1/1 U by Kotex Pads, Liners or Tampons

Final Price after Extra Bucks: as low as $2.99

CoverGirl Volume Exact or Last Exact Mascara – $5.99

Earn $4 Extra Bucks (Limit 1)

$1/1 Cover Girl Product 4/4/2010 P&G Insert (exp 4/30/2010)

$1/1 Cover Girl Product, any 3/7/2010 P&G Insert (exp 4/30/2010)

Final Price after Extra Bucks: $0.99

Buy (2) Kellogg’s Cereals or bars (select) and a Gallon Milk, Get $3 Extra Bucks

–>Dean’s 2% Milk – $2.49

–>Kellogg’s Raisin Bran Cruch, Frosted Flakes, Mini Wheats, All Bran, Special K, Special K or Nutri Grain Bars – $2.50

$1/2 Kellogg’s Cereals 11.4 oz+ 4/11/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/23/2010)

$1/2 Kellogg’s Cereals Select Varieties 3/7/2010 RP Insert (exp 4/18/2010)

$2/2 Kellogg’s Cereals 3/28/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/9/2010)

Final Price: as low as $0.83/each

Spend $10 on Smuckers, Jif, Folgers, or Dunkin Donuts, Get $3 Extra Bucks (limit 1)

–>Smuckers – $3

$1/2 Smuckers Products 3/28/2010 RP Insert (exp 6/27/2010)

–>Jif – $3

–>Folgers or Dunkin Donuts Coffee – $6

$1.50/2 Dunkin Donuts Coffee 3/28/2010 RP Insert (exp 4/30/2010)

Spend $10 on Select Hershey or Cadbury, Get $5 Extra Bucks (Limit 1)

–>Hershey Big Bag – $4

–>Hershey Assorted Bags – $3

$1/1 Hershey’s Extra Dark Chocolate 4/18/2010 SS Insert (exp 6/13/2010)

$1/3 Hershey’s, Reese’s, and York Candy 4/11/2010 SS Insert (exp 6/11/2010)

$1/2 Hershey’s Kisses Chocolates 4/11/2010 SS Insert (exp 6/11/2010)

–>Hershey Extra Large Bar – $1.50

–>Hershey Singles – B2G1 FREE @ $0.89

B1G1 FREE Hershey Bars (Select) 4/18/2010 SS Insert (exp 5/30/2010)

–>Twizzlers – $2

–>Hershey’s Snack Pack – $0.88 (Limit 5)

–>Theater Box Candy – $1

–>Ice Breakers Ice Cubes – $2.50

–>Ice Breakers Mints or Sours – $1.50

–>Cadbury Chocolate Bar – $1.25

–>Hershey’s King Size Bars – B2G1 FREE

Planters Mixed Nuts or Cashews – $3

$1/2 Planters 5.75 – 21 oz, any 3/7/2010 SS Insert (exp 6/1/2010)

Final Price: $2.50/each

Crest Toothpaste – $1.88

$0.75/1 Crest Toothpaste 3/7/2010 P&G Insert (exp 4/30/2010)

Final Price: $1.13/each

V05 – $0.66

Gain Detergent - $10.97 (Limit 5)

$1/1 Gain Detergent, any 3/21/2010 RP Insert (exp 4/30/2010)

Final Price: $9.97

Tide Detergent - $10.97 (Limit 5)

$1/1 Tide Laundry Detergent any 3/7/2010 P&G Insert (exp 4/30/2010)

Final Price: $9.97

Dial Soap – $1.88

$0.35/1 Dial Soap Select Varieties 3/7/2010 RP Insert (exp 5/30/2010)

Final Price: $1.18/each

Downy Liquid Softener - $5.99

$1/1 Downy Liquid or Sheets 4/4/2010 P&G Insert (exp 4/30/2010)

Final Price: $4.99

2 Liter Crush – $0.99

Redbox - Rent 3 Get 1 Free

Get a free one-night movie rental when you rent 3 movies between April 14-30. REDBOX will email you a unique coupon code on May 7 to use for your free movie if you make the qualifying number of rentals. And the code they send you will be valid for the rest of May so you don't have to run out and use it the same day. Only paid rentals qualify for this promotion, and there is a limit of one free movie code sent to each customer. Remember to enter the same email address when you rent so you'll get credit towards your free movie!

If you are renting a free movie you need to make sure you return your one-night movie rental before it's due to avoid an additional night's rental fee of $1.00. (Thanks Freebies4mom)

Free CVS Bag Tag This Sunday

Starting tomorrow 4/18 you will be able to get a free bag tag from CVS.  Using this tag will get you some ECB's  you earn $1 for every fourth purchase

70 % off at

Head over to and you can snag a $25.00 gc for $3.00...

This is a great site and it is so easy to use their certificates.  You print them right from your computer and you can literally head out that night to enjoy your gift certificate

Free Sample Alert!!!!!

Head over HERE and request your free sample of John Frieda Root Awakening from Walmart.  Simply click the green "Request your sample" button on the middle of the page

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Work Tommorow!

Yes, the one day where I am like many folks and I join the rat race and head off in to work.  O.k. so it's not exactly a rat race - I take back roads and to be honest it is quite an enjoyable ride.  Thursdays are my crazy days!  Rather Thursday nights I should say.  This is where I run around and try to get all of my laundry done.  Why you may ask? I haven't a clue to be honest with you.  Maybe sub consciously I think that if I don't get it done, I'll be spending all weekend doing it, knowing full well I have the entire next week to do it.  I also clean  like crazy.  BUT this isn't just on Thursdays, this is everyday because I am an obsessive compulsive mom and if there is even a smudge on my microwave, there will be dirt lurking close by.  But on Thursdays I clean even more obsessively because I know I will be unable to do it on Friday.  And so, on Saturday, I obsessively clean again.  On Thursday nights I lay out all of our clothes.  All that is, except for Erics.  Again, I have no clue why.  I have plenty of time in the morning but I am always thinking , "What if?"  "What if I wake up late?, What if my blowdryer doesn't work?  What if.. What if.. What if? My life with OCD is a ton of What if's?  I make lists... tons of lists..... For whoever is watching Liam that day. I want to make sure I cover hour by hour.. He eats at this time, poops at this time, sleeps at this time yada,yada,yada...... o.k. so I don't exactly write down when he poops - but if they wanna know, I could certainly tell them.  I think Liam knows that his mamma likes routine and so he poops on schedule. 
And so, all my lists are done, outfits are all laid out on beds, alarms are set, cleaning is done (for now any way) and the only thing left is for me to sign off and say Goodnight!  So, Goodnight guys.  I hope you all have a wonderful Friday.  TGIF!!!!WHEW