Sunday, March 21, 2010

Movie review time again kiddies......

O.k. so with all the free codes between Redbox and Blockbuster Express, Eric and I have rented a few movies this week. I already reviewed the BOX and if you want to see what I thought about it, you can scroll down to my older posts.
We rented 2012. I was kinda on the fence about renting this movie but I figured, "what the heck, it's free!" Well, I have to tell you that personally, I did not like it AT ALL. Eric enjoyed it though. This movie is like all the other "end of the world" movies you have your cast of "main Characters" That somehow escape the end of the world. You have your President wishing everyone well and lots of ridiculous action scenes that are so far fetched you have no choice but to laugh. My advice to you guys - don't waste your time!
We also rented The Time Traveller's Wife. This one was a bit weird, kinda started off very slow. However, I do have to say I enjoyed it. It's a nice love story. They story line was a little Blah but still a good movie in a cutesy sort of way. I would recommend this movie :)
Another movie we rented was Law Abiding Citizen. Unfortunately, I fell asleep :( However, Eric watched it and he loved it. He told me about it and it sounded like a really good movie. I would have to say that I would definitely recommend it.