Saturday, March 13, 2010

I survived

I sit back breathing a great big sigh of relief. Liams party is over! All the planning, all the anxiety, all the worrying is over! Everyone, I think had a great time. The morning started off with a nice big cup of coffee and then I got deep into making the salads. I definitely over bought as far as the salads went. I wonder if you can freeze them? the bags that is? hmmm! Well, I made both salads and they were huge. I was hoping everyone came hungry. After taking care of business at home it was off to the hall. Eric was in charge of getting the Balloons, Food and cake. I was in charge of getting myself and Liam to the hall - this was Eric's implicit instructions. Is he a great guy or what? Well there was a snag in out plan, a huge snag. The balloons were not done and as the woman put it, "she forgot all about it!" WHAT did I hear correctly? You forgot about the balloons. Does this woman know much of a planner, organizer,anxiety ridden woman I am? When I got the call from Eric that she forgot the balloons I snatched up the phone so fast and got the manager on the phone. Poor guy, momzilla was in full effect. I was screaming at him, yelling about how this woman ruined part of my day, ruined part of my sons day. o.k. so, Liam had no idea what was going on, but I am a very dramatic person and I needed to get my point across. The manager was very apologetic and offered up a gift card. I begrudgingly accepted and told him I will be in the store tomorrow to get my refund AND my gift card!!! GRRRR....
I arrived at the hall and to my surprise grandma and grandpa came to our rescue and picked up balloons. Way to go Grandma and Grandpa! Auntie was also there and she helped set up, decorate and basically kept me sane. I am so happy that we had such a wonderful day. The party was a success, or at least I think it was. All of this planning, worrying and stressing was all worth it for my little guy. I would do anything for him and I hope he had a great time today with great family and friends.