Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dancing with the Stars

Oh boy! Have any of you guys been watching it?  As I have said before, I never intended on watching this season, however, I was curious to see Kate - as in Jon and Kate plus 8.  Well, tonight is the fist elimination and I honestly think that she will go before Buzz.  I mean this woman is just awful.  I give her credit for having the gaul to get up in front of millions and strut her stuff BUT!!!!!!My GAWD is this woman awful.  What makes it worse is that not only is her dancing awful, but so is her attitude.  She had a "blow out" with her "professional" partner.  She was criticizing the way he was teaching her!!!!!!! Are you serious Kate?  I was so hoping and praying that I would see her on the show and see that she is a nice person.  Let me tell you, she does not seem nice. Poor Tony, her partner.  I bet folks, he is betting they are the first to go.  I sadly have to announce I did vote for her on Abc.com  and let me tell you, I am kicking myself in the arse!!!!!

On a different note, why does Pamela Anderson always look like she is either high or drunk?  Everytime they show that woman, she is twirling her head around, looking like she is ready to pounce on her partner and do the nasty.  However, she has surprised me with her dancing and I think she may be around for a while :)