Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dancing with the Stars

I said I wouldn't do it! Nope! I was sick of the less than interesting commentary from Tom Bergeron. And the Judges!!!!! ugh! C'mon , I can't even understand Bruno, Len (I think that's his name) in my opinion is too old to be judging a dance competition. o.k., o.k. he is a ballroom dancing judge. However, whenever the dancers try spicing it up, he HATES it. Kerry Ann I have nothing bad t say about her except when they say her name. It just gets under my skin......... Whew.... now that i just spewed all that at ya...I did watch Monday nights premiere. I have to be honest, I was really only watching it to see Kate Gosselin. Yes, I am a gossip junkie and with her recent tabloid headlines, I wanted to see how she did. part of me was sort of rooting for her. BUT after seeing her performance -MY GAWD!!!!!!!! Kate should just throw in the towel. Sorry Kate. And while we are one the subject of awful dancers - Buzz!!!!! Why oh why ABC do you find it necessary to bring in these "older" folks and embarrass them on national t.v. I understand he is an American Hero, but please don't put him in dance shoes.. that poor man had no rhythm at all. O.k. So what about "Jake the Bachelor" I mean really guy??? Did you not just finish up a reality t.v. show? Is it necessary for you to be on another one? Shouldn't you be spending your time getting top know your new Fiancee? AND when did reality t.v. folk become stars? When I hear the title of the show, "Dancing with the Stars" I'm thinking "Stars" not B or C list actors and certainly not reality t.v. stars - to those reality t.v. stars I say.. let it go.... your 15 minutes is up.

Before I end I do want to say that Pamela Anderson you did surprise me. Although your dance looked more like a strip tease, you dance quite well.. Rock on!!!!!