Thursday, March 18, 2010


I tear fell from my eye and my heart broke. Not only for you, but for your two young children. Your children, obviously used to this routine. The older one unloading the wheelchair from the bed of your truck while the younger one stood by your door and looked like she was captivating you in conversation. We drove past quite quickly so I was unsure of how you would maneuver getting out of the car. In that moment a tear fell from my cheek and my heart was heavy. I had just come from a lovely dinner out with my family. I had to give no thought of whether there was a way for me to get in to the restaurant, no thoughts of how I was going to get through the narrow pathways, no thought to whether or not I was even going to be able to find parking. Not to mention I had two children who I did not need assisting from, it is me that does the assisting for them. I go about my day to day activities without a care or thought. Oh sure, I do think about whether I will find parking - I want the closest one. Not because I am handicap but because I am in a sense, lazy. I worry when I go into stores or restaurants, not because I am wondering how I will get through the crowds in my wheelchair, but because I have social phobia. All these reasons are petty compared to what some of these people have to go through. To go to the store isn't as easy as grabbing the keys and purse, it's a well planned, well thought out process. I am ashamed that for so long I have taken so many things for granted. If I don't find the closest parking spot, so be it. That's not going to ruin my day because after all, I have two feet that can take me anywhere I want to go. Seeing this man has changed me. Seeing his children aid him has changed me. I thank God that he has given me all that he has.