Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Proud Momma!

On Monday of this week Aj had his baseball game.  It was a cool day so I really wasn't looking forward to sitting at the field for 2 hours watching this game go on and on, and on.... I know, I sound like a bad mom but hey - that's the truth.  So blanket, winter vest and gloves in hand I headed out to the field.  My dad was there so I took up a seat beside him.  When I glanced on the field I quickly looked around for Aj and then - I spotted him! On the pitcher's mound. My heart began to beat a little faster and butterflies took over my stomach.  With clinched teeth and fist I sat through three innings.  Breathing a sigh of relief, I went over to the dugout to congratulate him on such an awesome inning.  As the innings went on, my fist were clenched tighter and I was now at the point where I wasn't even watching him pitch.  I was looking down at the sand and waiting with baited breath for the voice of the umpire to call, "Strike!"  You would think that this was game 7 of the world series or something of that nature because of how nervous I was.  With every strike he threw, I would jump out and clap. "That's my boy!" I thought to myself with a great big smile.  Then came the fourth inning and bases were loaded and Aj was up.  I took a deep breath.  We had two outs. The first few pitches he swung at were high.  Then it came, he made contact and BAM! he hit it to the outfield and I looked and the kids were all rounding the bases, the bleachers erupted, o.k. so me and my dad were erupting.  I couldn't believe it.  he got all the other kids home and he made it to third!!! "That's my boy!" I thought as I sat there on the bleachers with the biggest grin a mom could ever have.  The ended up on winning the game and now it was off to the outfield for sprints and a "pep" talk.  I don't know why the coach makes them sprint after every game.  It was freezing out and it was getting late.  This momma has had enough. The huddle breaks up and I see Aj emerge holding the game ball.  Now he was the one with the smile from ear to ear.  He held on to that ball so tight.  He was so proud of himself, as he should have been.  He made sure all of his teammates cleared the field before he wanted to go.  I think he was showing off his new prized possession.  On the way to the car, he held that ball high. He even told kids from the other team that he got the game ball, although I'm sure they couldn't have missed it because he was holding that ball up like it was the Stanley Cup. 

Hopefully that day will become a precious memory for Aj. One that he will treasure for years to come.  Hopefully when he gets older he will be able to re tell the story to his kids. I long to hear the story myself as only Aj can tell it.The day he got eight strikeouts  and hit a "bomb" , as he likes to refer to it. Certainly that story will be a story I will never grow tired of listening to.