Wednesday, May 5, 2010

American Idol Chitter Chatter

O.k. so it has been a while since I chatted up American Idol.  Yes, I have been watching it all along, but to be honest, it has been hard for me to write during the day with a very active 1 yr. old around.  Anyway, I have to say I am impressed with the final six.  Well, that's not exactly true.  If I could switch out one person in particular for another, I would.  I was so upset that Sioban was sent packing last week.  Not because of the fact that she was from Massachusetts, although that had a lot to do with why I loved her.  But, because I think she has an amazing voice.  Yes, I could have done without a week or two of her high pitched "Mariah Careyesque" yell, but Damn! that girl could sing.  I really do not care for Big Mike. If I could switch out Sioban for Big Mike I would in a heart beat. It's , not that I don't like his personality per se, I just don't care for his singing or the type of singing that he does.   Anyway... in my opinion, Big Mike should never have gotten the "save." Yes, he has a pleasant voice, but I don't think in the end there is a market for his type of music.  He sings what I would  like to call "lounge" type music.  At least I could picture Sioban making an album with her type of music she sings - that is if she limits her high pitched notes to a mere few.
   After watching the show last night, I though all of the contestants did pretty well.  My favorite, Lee, did awesome!! so proud of him hehe... I think tonight's bottom two will be Casey and Aaron unfortunately :( I like them both.  And I think tonight we say goodbye to Casey :(  We will have to wait and see tonight what America decided. Enjoy watching!