Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Last night someone, who shall remain nameless, asked me the question of could you love both of your children the same.  This person, who is a parent to one child, went on to state that they love their child so much that they could not find it possible to love another just as much.  After they asked me this question I paused.  I paused not to think about whether or not  I love both my children just as much, but I paused to try and find the right words or to find the right way to explain to this person that I love both of my children equally.

My children have quite the age gap between them, eight years to be exact.  I love them so differently, but just as much if that makes any sort of sense.  My oldest son is 9. And what I love about him is that he is still so close to his mama.  He still gives me hugs and never turns a cheek when I go to give him good night kisses.  I love that he is growing up to be a really great kid.  I love that he has compassion and empathy.  I love that he is a great friend to not only his school buddies, but also to his little brother.  I love him because he is an amazing big brother to Liam.  Aj has continued to amaze me and if her were my only child I would think that there would be no way that I could possibly find enough love in my heart to love another child.  But then, Liam came along.

Liam is my baby.  I love him for all the things that Aj has grown out of.  Liam will sit on my lap and cuddle with his momma.  Liam has an innocence about him that only a young toddler can have.  His world involves waking up, eating, pooping and playing.  I love that I get to teach Liam how to walk, how to talk, how to pick up a cheerio and eat it.  I love it when Liam smiles at me when I walk through the door.  I love the fact that Liam still needs to be in his mommas or daddy's arms to fall asleep.  I love looking at Liam while he is sleeping and watching his tiny lip quiver.

I can't quite explain it and never thought it would be possible to love both children the same.  But I do! I love both of my boys with all of my heart and I love how they have a definite bond with each other.  Sometimes I look at my boys, sitting on the floor playing and I think to my self, "Wow! those are my boys, I am a mom, A mom!" It is at that moment that nothing else in the entire world matters  more than my family.  My cute, adorable, sometimes fresh, often times whiny Family and I love them! All of them just the same.