Sunday, May 16, 2010

Pleasantville U.S.A?

I was on my way traveling to work the other day going down the same scenic route I always take.  The houses are monstrous, all with well manicured lawns and of course each house has a swing set.  "Boy!" I thought to myself. "does every family in this town have kids or what?"  Anyway, I continued traveling along, past the roadside flower stand, "Awww!" I thought.  Then thinking, with places like Lowe's and Home Depot who the heck buys flowers at a roadside stand?  And how many flowers can they actually have at this roadside stand?  Note to self, stop by road side stand on my way home and see just how many flowers they sell. As I continue my drive along this beautiful stretch of scenery, I notice the big, beautiful church with the little old ladies all dressed up in front.  "Penny and Mabel must be waiting for Sylvia! She's late." I giggle to myself.. Penny and Mabel?  I crack myself up, I thought.  Focus Heather, Focus! Traveling a little more ways down the street, I figure I must be nearing a school.  I drive past two little boys, pedaling as fast as they could, wearing helmets, nonetheless. Next I pass a group of moms who are walking with their children.  The two little girls up front are skipping and holding hands.  Aww, how cute! The boys are holding sticks as if they were swords.  I think to myself, "Does everyone in this town walk to school?"  As I drive a little more ways up I can't believe my eyes.  I spot a mom and her three kids, all riding bikes of course and of course they have their helmets on.  But that wasn't what was so strange to me.  What was strange is the way the mom was.  She was riding this old fashioned bicycle, with the wicker basket on front AND she had the biggest smile on her face.  The only thing missing was the little birdie singing on her shoulder.  Where am I? I thought.  I don't know about many of you, but when I am bringing my son to school, I am still in my pj's  for one and there is NOT , I repeat NOT a huge grin across my face.  I have a scowl upon my face and I am cranky about being up that early (although it is not early at all - I am just not a morning person.) 
Those moms that I passed that day - where they stepford wives? What gives?   Why did everyone look like they had not a care in the world?  Gleefully going about their daily activities.My adventure on my way to work that day was comical to say the least.  If I din;t see moms walking together bringing their children to school, I saw them running in pairs along the main drag - oops, I mean street.  I can imagine the looks on their faces if they heard me call their precious street a drag.  Betcha they wouldn't be smiling then! Ohhh darn it! I forgot to stop by the roadside stand!!!