Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Let tonight be the Night!!!!!

O.k. so once again I was drawn in to this show.... Let's just say it's like a car crash to me, I can't stop watching.  And what, you may ask draws me in to the show??? Watching the train wreck that is Kate Gosselin. This woman is a major b*tch and she does nothing to hide it.  When they showed her at rehearsals last night, all the woman was doing was yawning and b*tching and just when you thought she couldn't get any worse, she brought that same enthusiastic attitude to the dance floor.  Does she not understand that this is a dance competition?  That woman had -10 energy she was just a hot mess.  What was the kicker for me last night was when Brooke asked her why this week she was especially tired - the woman uses her kids as an excuse!!!!!! Those poor kids.  Kate take responsibility for your horrendous dancing, don't "use" your kids once again.   I have faith in ABC tonight that Ms. Kate will be the latest castoff!