Monday, April 26, 2010

He Gave Us The Scare of a Lifetime

Before this past Saturday I have only heard a febrile seizures.  I didn't really know much about them, except that they happen when your body temperature gets too high.  Well, this past Saturday we got to unfortunately experience first hand what exactly a febrile seizure is.

It Started out like any other ordinary Saturday. We had some plans we wanted to get done because Eric and I had plans to go to a dinner later on that night.  We made a trip to Home Depot in early afternoon.  While we were there, I noticed that Liam seemed a bit warm.  We left Home depot and came home and Liam was acting fine despite feeling rather warm.  He was crawling around, getting in to things, just being his crazy little self..  I started to get ready for our dinner and was all dressed.  When I came downstairs Eric told me that Liam was really warm and he was going to take his temperature.  Well, he took his temp and it was 101 degrees.  Well, that was all I needed to hear, I told Eric we definitely can't go out and I am calling the pediatrician.  The pediatrician called back in about an hour and a half and to be honest, he didn;t seem to be all that concerned that his fever was, at this point, 102 degrees.  He told me if I was concerned, i could bring him in to the office the following day.  I hung up the phone and wanted to strangle the guy.  I was so pissed! Here I am the nervous mother, my son has a temp of 102 and he is telling me to bring him on to the office the following day if I am concerned!  **Note to self - request NOT to ever see that Dr.***

As Day turned in to night, Liam was getting sleepy and it was time for a bottle.  We fed him a bottle and he fell asleep in my arms.  After about a half hour, I handed him off to Eric because I was going to unload the dishwasher.  It was then that Eric realized Liam was burning up.  Eric took his temp again and this time is was 104 and climbing.  I could hear it in his voice that Eric was afraid.  He told me his temp was 104 and climbing, he then stood up with Liam and he began vomiting all over the place.  The next thing we know he was shaking.  Eric's yelling, "HUN!" I immediately called 911 and it took them what seemed to be an eternity.  The firefighters arrived first and asked us basic information.  They informed us that febrile seizures are quite normal in little kids and that it is their bodies way of fighting back.  This was all good and great, but where the hell is the ambulance!!!!!! Finally they arrived and I walked Liam out to the stretcher and Eric went in with him.  I had to drop Aj off at my dads.

On the way to the hospital all I can remember is praying the entire way.  I was begging God to please let my baby be o.k.  I was praying to Mom to be by Liam's side and to help us get through this.  Before I knew it I was at the hospital and was rushed in to see my baby boy.  He looked so sad.  They had stripped him down and put an ice pack on his belly.  Eric had informed me that they took his temp in the ambulance and it was 104.9... The Dr. and Nurse were in the room and they were going to order some test and basically work on getting his fever down.  My poor baby was poked and prodded so many times, my heart broke for him.  As a mother, I felt so helpless.  My baby was hurting and there was nothing, not a damn thing I could do about it.  Your instinct as a parent is to protect your child.  I began thinking, how did he get this sick?  Did I not wash my hands enough? Was the house not clean enough? did I bring an infection home? Did someone come in to our house that was already sick?  My mind was racing.

The Dr.s had run all their test and took all the blood work they needed.  We were told my the ER doc that all test look o.k. and we should be cleared to go home.  We waited another 30 minutes before I angrily walked up to the Nurses station and wanted to know when we could go home.  My baby was tired, both Eric and I were tired and it was 1:30 in the morning!!!!! We got our discharge papers and thankfully headed home.  That night we kept Liam in bed with us to keep an eye on him.  We were both very, very nervous.

The next morning Liam was very clingy and tired.  He still had his temp.  It ranged throughout the day from 101 - 102.  It was a very trying day on Eric.  I had to be gone most of the day because Aj had opening day for Little League.  I know Eric was afraid, as was I.  We just wanted to know why his temp wasn't going down!! Finally during his third bath of the day, it seemed as if he fever had broke.  You could touch him and he actually felt cool.  His head was cool and nope, he did not have a temp.  Thank you God!  We did still keep Liam in bed with us last night just to keep an eye on him.  He awoke today with no temp. YAY!!!!!! He is still not eating or drinking much though.  He had a morning bottle, which he threw up right after he finished it.  He is definitely still not himself.  All he wants to do is be held and cuddled.  I took his temp throughout the day and most of the time he did not have one.  However, twice today he did had a temperature of 101.  We are trying to keep him cool, letting him sleep in just a onesie.  we are also trying to get him to drink fluids because I am afraid of dehydration.  This whole ordeal has terrified me so much.  I just want my baby boy to get better.  I want him to be running around, getting into things, laughing, playing on his swing set and just plain being a 1 year old.  It is my hope tomorrow he wakes up with no temp, wants to eats breakfast, drink his juice and I hope he is my crazy little man again!!!!!!