Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ahhhh... April Vacation

It's April Vacation and like most parents, I am struggling everyday to find something to keep Aj entertained.  The weather has not exactly been cooperating. Monday was the first day it was not raining so we took Aj to the batting cages.  I could tell he really enjoyed himself.  Liam on the other hand looked very bored, well, if a one year old could look bored.  I think the batting cages paid off on Monday because Aj had baseball practice and he was hitting some bombs!!!!! I was so proud of him.  Secretly I wanted to jump up and down and yell, that's my boy!" But I know that would be a little over the top for practice.  I'll have to save up my cheering and yelling for the games. 

After Practice Aj asked Papa if he could sleep over (papa goes to all the practices - he loves it!) So of course Aj spent the night and pretty much the entire day today over at Papa's house.  He loves it over there.  Plus, he gets to play with all of his old neighborhood friends.  As for me and Liam, we didn't do much.  I had so much hope for today.  I wanted to get out back and let Liam swing on his swing, but me and my anxiety got the best of me , you see, I thought because the grass is a bit long back there, there would be snakes and if I spotted a snake, it would be all over.... So needlesstosay, Liam did not get to enjoy his swing set today.  We did go over and visit Papa - Liam loves his Papa!!!! and then we went grocery shopping.  I sure Liam wasn't loving shopping too much, but I do know he was happy to get out of the house.

Tomorrow is supposed to be a great day - 70 degrees so I am definitely getting both boys outside.  I am thinking of packing up Aj's bike and Liam's wagon and heading off to the park.  Later on in the afternoon, Aj has baseball practice.  I'm looking forward to it because he finds out what position he will be playing :)