Monday, April 5, 2010

Dancing with the Stars

O.k. so I haven't posted since the results show last week.  To be honest, I was a little bit embarrassed.  I voted.  Yes, guys I did.  And not for anyone who was awesome, great or even any good.  I voted for the worst dancer! Yes all, I voted for Kate.  BUT let me say I did this before I saw her blow up with Tony.  After I saw her blow up at him, I wanted to log on and "Erase" my vote... I was kicking myself in the behind for voting for her.  And no friends, I did not just vote for her once, I voted for her 6 times (insert scream here)  But I voted for her because I felt bad for her.  I thought , "wow good for her for getting out there"  I mean everybody on the show is either an athlete, actor or superstar and here you got Kate.  Just a mom  and the mom in me was voting for her.  The mom in me was cheering her on and counting every step with her.  But not this week!! nope I am not giving her any of my mom sympathy!!!nope, ain't gonna happen Ms. Kate!!!!  By the way, I was SHOCKED she was not voted off last week - **GASP** was it my six votes that saved her!