Monday, June 14, 2010

That's All Folks....

With a 1,2,3 last inning AJ's first year of baseball was over.  Well, that's not completely true.  He still has the All Stars.  I have to say that I am so proud of AJ's.  This was his first year playing  any organized sport.  He had started the year a rookie, so to speak, and has ended an All-Star.  He went in not knowing what to expect. He learned the basics of baseball, how to properly throw a baseball, he how to play a few different positions including, pitcher, catcher and short stop.  He learned what is means to be a team player and most importantly he learned that playing baseball is not about winning or losing, it's about having fun.  I think AJ's favorite part of the season was when he played against his best friend.  He would get giddy before all the games and he would always say, "we are gonna beat Dylans' team and then I am going to rub it in his face at school!" I would giggle to myself but then remind AJ's that he is there to have fun.  In the end it was his best friends team that beat Aj's team to advance in the playoffs and put a perpetual fork in Aj's team.  They were done!!!!!
Bring on the All-Stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!