Monday, June 7, 2010


  There is great controversy over when exactly life begins.  Some believe it begins at conception, yet others believe life begins when the fetus is viable outside of the womb.  I have never really given his question much thought and never really held a true stand on the abortion issue.  I guess I always sort of believed that it was a personal choice.  Recently, however, I have given this question a lot of thought.  A person who I know, not very well had become pregnant.  Great News! Although this person is young, she seemed to be very mature for her age an seemed to have a good head on her shoulders.  Well, I soon found out that this person had made the decision to terminate the pregnancy.  "O.K.", I thought.  For whatever reason all her own she has made this decision.  This was her personal choice and I am in no position to judge because but there for the grace of God, go I. Well, as time went on I inquired about this person and was told that she was waiting for her insurance to "kick in."  "O.K." I thought again But in the back of my head I knew the embryo was growing daily and I always thought that their was only a certain window of time, if you will, that an abortion could be performed.  Days turned in to weeks and I found out the reason this individual wanted the abortion and I was floored to say the least.  In a nutshell, the baby was that of an ex boyfriend and the current boyfriend had given the ultimatum  Baby or me! I don;t know how much thought this individual  d put in to making this decision, but she chose the boyfriend.  Certainly now her age and immaturity had showed.  I mean, my goodness, I am certainly not the same person I was when I was 20.  I am not in the same relationship I was in when I was 20.  When I was 20,  I thought I knew it all.  I was considered an adult, however, I was far from making adult decisions.  I have changed dramatically in these past 14 years and I so wish I could take this girl and knock some proverbial sense into her.  But again, I still held on to the notion that it was a personal decision.
     After 3 months she finally had "The Appointment," or so she thought.  The day before the appointment the office called to tell her that she needed additional blood work and an ultrasound.  She was clearly upset.  However, I saw this as a sign from god.  It was as if God was waving a flag right in front of her face and saying ,"Think about this."  Then day passed and she was unable to get the procedure done.  However, she did have the ultrasound done- the first pictures of her baby.  Now one would think she would not want anything to do with these pictures and decline to see them - NOPE!!! She not only took these pictures, but showed them to quite a few people.  From what I understand you could clearly see that this was a baby.  You could see a head, arms and little stubs that had yet to be formed in to hands.  I was disgusted to say the least.  It was like a murderer parading around his next victim.
      At 15 weeks this individual was once again scheduled to have this procedure done again.  I guess now it is a two day procedure.  Why didn't her parents intervene at this stage of the game? I would like to think that if I had become pregnant at 20 and I was in my second trimester, my parents would have stopped me.  I sure as hell know that my mother would have more than quite a few words and would have stood in my way like a brick wall.  Why are her parents not stopping this? Why is it o.k. at this stage of life to murder? Because that is what I think she is doing, she is murdering this baby. How in this world can a person, who feels her baby kicking and moving around inside of her kill her unborn baby? Does she not have a maternal instinct? Or is she so blinded by young love and promises of marriage, a big house and the thought of never having to work again.  Excuse me while I puke! Please young, immature girl you are making the biggest mistake of your life and you don't even know it.
      All of my begging and pleading is doing no good.  For I am writing on paper when I should have voiced my opinion to her.  However, it was never my place to this person what to do.  So on this day, June 3, 2010I close my eyes and pray in a moment of silence for baby X who was taken at some point in the day today.  Your mother will never know the feeling the first time you look in to her eyes and smile, she'll never get to hear you laugh and she'll never hear you say the words, "mommy I love you!" God Bless you Baby xoxo